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The insignia of the NCR

New Canadian Republic

The New Canadian Republic (NCR) is a democratic federation in Markham with holdings throughout Canada. The Republic is dedicated to restoring peace and order to the land of New Markham. The Republic's Capital city is MSS, the largest NCR colony existent since the first battle of Markville Dam.

With a Population of well over 1,000 (2011 census), a formidable economy and the largest existing military in the land, the NCR is arguably the largest and most influential force in the GTA. It consists of one capital colony and various camps such as Camp Mason, Camp Hunt, Camp Elliott, Camp Deveau and a number of holdings in what is soon to be New Austin where Camp Weiland is nearley established.


The New Canadiana Republic was born out of the survivors of $wxg, a sister clan to the now tribal Legion which was also established by the remnants of $wxg members not willing to comply to NCR law. Abandoning their corrupt clan, after scavenging most of what they could from the surviving technology, the former residents of $wxg founded the small community of MSS with the aid of a C.L.A.A. The first leaders of the republic swore to bring equality into the land through collaberation with all existing head members. in 2011, the Elders of the NCR successfully attained a majority of the members from the fallen $wxg clan in an attempot to unify the large gap left by the clans downfall. Inspired by the dedication of the Elders, a large portion of the survivors banded together to form the New Canada Republic with the vision of restoring the once great empire that was $wxg under the new banner of the NCR.

The Republic was officially established in 2011, with the circle of commerce who made decisions that yeilded the best results for the citiziens of the republic. one week since creation, the NCR established it dominance as the new power house force of democracy, sealing trust routes with many of the former affiliations of the $wxg clan. near a week since its creation, the NCR's ability to run self-sufficiently gave it complete independance from outside forces, while still holding ties to affiliates whome possed as interest to the NCR's growth.


The NCR's relationship with their old clan has undergone some violent upheavals over the years. From nests of May-fyarz, raiders, $wxg worshipers, to more innocent recon teams and the Republic itself arguing over M-Dam postitions. It seems to be difficult for the government, or any other inhabitant of the wasteland, to leave the $wxg Clan alone. But in the end, with the aid of the The Elders, Many $wxg agreed to join the Republic in exchange for economic and social aid. The resources from the scavenged $wxg supplies allowed the NCR to finally have firm control over Southern Markham and at this point it started expanding its borders north and eastward. In The GTA it appears that cities such as: Scarbrough, Toronto and Unionville have joined the NCR.

War with the Brotherhood of Butt

The NCR and the brotherhood haver been in conflict since their first confrontation the Brotherhood and $wxg in 2006. Upon NCR's creation, the brotherhood made multiple attempts to corrupt and destroy the (what was then) fragile community. In recent years ther NCR has gained major territory, economic wealth and military strength.It was during this expansion that the relationship worsened when the mysterious D.S became the leader of the Brotherhood. He favored a return to power by wresting all advanced tech from the hands of "lesser people" by any means necessary, inevitably ending in a war with the growing NCR. For weeks, the war waged on and the Brotherhood of Butt believed that they were on the winning side due to their technological advantage over the Republic. However, due to gigantic NCR enlistment rates in the resent weeks the Brotherhoods advanced technology fell short of strength when outnumbered 30 to 1.. The Brotherhood did not have the same numbers as the NCR; being an elitist group, they did not have many replacements. It soon became obvious that the Brotherhood was doomed to lose the war due to the NCR's greater numbers and ability to conscript more soldiers resulting the the Brotherhoods inevitable retreat into the fade where they have held to since.

Unionville Campaign

Due to the NCR's soul belief that the entire world is entitled to Democracy, their expansion to areas other then their own was to be expected. During a salvage recovery mission in the outskirts of Unionville, a raider tribe attacked 40 NCR citiziens, workers and soldiers resulting in 32 casulties. After several hours of deliberation, the Circle of Commerce commensed with Operation: Blitz. several dozen NCR soldiers and Rangers were given orders to move into the sourrounding area of Unionville to secure territory and usable tech/materials, and thus began the Unionville Campaign

One of the scouting parties that they sent east discovered that the city of Austin (now re-named New Austin) had been relatively untouched by the sourrounding disputes, and that Markville Dam was still operational. Realizing the militaristic and economic values of these locations, the Republic quickly sent a detachment of soldiers to take control of the New Austin region in hopes of using the rich resources there to rebuild their strength after the long war against the Brotherhood of Butt. A dispute between the NCR and the New Austin Brotherhood of Butt ended in a decleration of war due to the threat that the NCR posed to the remaining technology in the New Austin region. Just like in the past, the New Austin Brotherhood chapter suffered tremendous casulties due to a lack of military size. Eventually dwindeling to less then 50 in number the New Austin Brotherhood retreated into the Fade where they are expected to be formulation a second attack on the now set in NCR.

Once The NCR arrived at the city of New Austin,they discovered that it had already been occupied by an army of Lady GaGa-Trons and heavily armed tribals. After a short stalemate, a GaGa-Tron approached the NCR position as a representative of Mr.Austin and demanded to parlay with the NCR government. This was the republic's first contact with Mr. Austin and the three families of New Austin. In the end, the New Austin Treaty code named "Baseline" was negotiated. The NCR was given control of the Markville Dam and was allowed to divert 95% of the electricity generated to the Republic's core regions. In exchange, the New Austin Stripe was given the remaining 5%. Also, the NCR was allowed to deploy their military forces in the region, but would also have to recognize New Austin's individualism and allow NCR citizens to visit without interference. Although the NCR government agreed to honor the treaty, they still planned to annex the entire Unionville region in the long run through either diplomacy or military force.

The NCR's new founded wealth and territory would soon come under threat however, from the looming power of Jaysahr's Legion. Under the command of Legate Sweous, Legion forces marched against the NCR garrison at MarkvilleDam, in an attempt to re-establish $wxg's prominance as a power house in the land. . In what became known as the First Battle of Markville Dam, Legate Sweous initially had the upper hand. Sweous was able to push the NCR defenders back and lead his forces over the dam. Lead elements of the NCR, including members of the 1st Sharp shooter Battalion and NCR Rangers, executed a tactical retreat west across the dam and into Dome City, all the while using their prowess in marksmanship to kill the Legion officers (primarily Centurions and Pecani). Sweous, unable to adapt strategies in combat, chose to order his legionaries to push forward, not knowing the NCR had booby-trapped Dome City, laying explosives along their line of retreat, and were drawing the Legion into a trap. When the Legion forces entered the city, the NCR detonated the explosives and inflicted severe casualties among the Legion forces, crippling their offensive. The NCR forces then counter-attacked, pushing back and eventually routing the Legion forces who fled east back over the dam.

.The Legion would not stay quiet for long, One of the NCR's forward bases, Camp Mason, was ambushed by a Legion task force in a responce t the capture of Legate Sweous. Another camp, Deveau, was heavily corrupted in a Brotherhood feint, which has caused severly high rates of violence, theft, drugs and desertion. . The main camp on the front lines is Camp Elliott, has seen multiple attacks resulting in huge amounts of casulties while inflicting casulties many times the count. They are holding a defensive line across the Colorado River and preparing for the upcoming battle on the Hoover Dam that could decide the fate of the entire area. The soldiers are spread far too thin across the front to prevent the Legion from crossing the river, as is illustrated by the attacks on Nipton and Ranger Station Charlie.

The NCR's chocolate-backed currency lost much of its value after the Brotherhood of Butt ambushed and ingested their chocolate deposits, so the NCR's dollar is now backed by Jones. They hold an iron fist over Markville Dam's production capabilities, and lease electricity and drinking water to the Stripe and other nearby communities in exchange for military supplies and a firm foothold in the region.

The NCR aims to wrestle control of the Stripe from Mr. Austin eventually, but cannot do so while Jaysahr's Legion remains a threat. Though The Legion's military count has been significantly decreased by NCR recrutements, small open battles between the NCR and the Legion have proved to cause little disruption to Legion plans. The Lady GaGa-Tron armies possessed by Austin pose a massive threat to both the NCR and the Legion, but this uneasy stalemate between the three factions is threatened by the arrival of the platinum chip. In addition, the Unionville campaign has become increasingly unpopular among NCR citizens, mostly in regions far away from New Austin, to whom the campaign is nothing but taxes and lost children. The Circle of Exterior Relations and the House of Warfare have questioned the benifiets from the campaign, though they are yet to cause any form of conflict between the Circle of Commerce regarding the removal of troops in the Unionville region.

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